• Finishes for your boat sign

    Make your boat sign look stylish and unique

Our range of boat name finishes

Acrylic Fret Cut
Acrylic boat signage

Acrylic boat signs
Acrylic signage cut to your design in a choice of colours from 3mm thickness up to 30mm

Brush Finish Stainless Steel Brush finish stainless steel

Brush finish stainless steel boat signs

Brush finish stainless steel yacht signs
Brushes Stainless Steel from 1mm to 30mm thickness - Choice of grains from fine to course

H1 Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Mirror polish finish

Mirror polish stainless steel finishes

Hand mirror polished
Super marine "hand mirror polished" stainless from 1mm to 30mm thickness

Stainless Acrylic Combo
Stainless finish

Stainless acrylic combo finishes
Polished Stainless top inlayed into 5mm Flame Polished Acrylic

Acrylic Backlit
Acrylic backlit finishes
Acrylic top inlayed into edge lit base

Acrylic top inlayed finish
Acrylic top inlayed into halo lit acrylic

Edge Lit Back Lighting
Halo Lit Back Lighting
Wide Variety of Back Light Colours
Multi-Colour Changing RGB

Limiteless Finishes: Gold Plates, Wood, Anthracite, Titanium, Carbon Fibre
Stainless Backlit
Stainless backlit
Stainless top inlayed acrylic edge lit base

Stainless steel inlay finish
Stainless top inlayed into acrylic lit base

Brushed stainless steel finish
30mm halo lit brushed stainless block
Special Plate Finishes
Specialist finishes

Gold plated finishes for yacht signs

Bespoke finishes
Specialist finishes for yacht signs
Specialist finishes for yachts
Carbon fibre finishes for boat signs
A range of specialist finishes are available from Gold Plate and Hardwood Inlays to Carbon Fibre Stainless Combinations for your marine sign design.