• Top ten tips on choosing a yacht name

    Top ten ways of choosing a boat name

Top ten ways of choosing a name for your boat

Use our guide to come up with the best name for your boat

Coming up with a captivating tag for your boat can be quite tricky, especially now that a lot of good names have already been taken and you need to be aware of the naming a boat rules. In fact for some, it can be more difficult than choosing their firstborn’s name. Aside from being a very personal decision that you can be stuck with for a long time, choosing a name for your boat is like picking your significant other. What may sound attractive and perfect to you may actually be ugly and horrible for some.

There are a few essential factors that you have to take in when choosing a name for your boat. Here are some of them from the team at Marine Signs:

1/ The name of your husband or wife
To begin with, your boat name has to have a special meaning to you as the boat owner. One way of starting the naming process is to consider calling it after the name of your husband or wife, or even both of you. As an example "Dave and Sue", perhaps more functional than inspiring....So how about mixing it up and going for "DavaSu" which sounds a lot more interesting and mysterious....More on made-up names and words below.

Boat names, when using human names are usually always female, i.e. a boat is always regarded as a female.

2/ The name of a family member
Ok, so we're sticking with real names, so how about a family member or members...The boat name you choose should not be too long or vague which may make it hard to remember, also you don't want a boat name that is so long people would be out of breath when they are done reading it....So "Nana and Poppy" would work better than "Nana, Poppy, Daisy, Flo and Sue Too". Long names can also cause issues when using VF radio and the like, so bear this in mind as well when choosing a name for your yacht, as well as the fact that you only have a certain amount of room on your boat to fit the name on.

3/ A Pet's name

A lot of people have strong ties to their pets and although you perhaps can't take your long-loved pony "Arabella" for a trip out on the open seas, she can be there in spirit with you.

4/ A business name
If you are a businessman, it may be a smart idea to incorporate your business name with your boat name. This would make it easier for people to remember your boat’s name and identify it as belonging to you. It can even give your boat its own personality. And while you are in the process of thinking up a good name for your yacht, you may also think of choosing a good colour and font style that would really match the kind of character that you want to give your boat.

5/ Greek and Roman names
So how to choose a name for your boat? Well, how about Greek names and Roman names. These are always popular choices, but because of this your chosen name may not be unique. Boat names like "Zephyr", "Nimrod", "Fortuna" and so on are ok, but don't really give say much about your boat or your personality which is what we are trying to achieve.

6/ A pun
You can play on certain words or rewrite some terms in another way. “Aquaholic” is catchy name, and it is also one the most popular boat names around. How about some classics like "Seas the Day", "Seaduction", "Nauti-Buoy", "or Miss Behavin’"...Again all very clever, but well-used. One rule in naming a boat that you should remember is: It is definitely not funny if you have to explain it.

Although this may sound funny at first, consider a boat name that’s not going to sound too silly when broadcasted over the over the VHF radio, not to mention the fact that other families may also be listening in.

7/ Made up words
Moving on from point 6 above we get into the realms of made up words for names. There are new brands and products coming to market all the time and they all feature made up words for brands, so why not have a made up word for your boat. How about "Cazoova", "Hoophorn" or "Sasaroo"...

8/ Nautical Theme Names
Back into the the obvious idea theme now, but always a very popular choice. Choose your yacht name around the surroundings it will be in, eg. The sea. Blue skies, blue seas, sunny days and the tradition of the nautical environment. How about these for starters, "Windsong", "Blue Skies", "Cast Away" and "Sea Buddy"...

9/ Boat names with meaning
How about coming up with a name that has a personal meaning to you. It might be for sentimental reasons or perhaps a superstitious one.
eg. Mischievous One - This boat had quite a few problems with it when it was new.

10/ Relaxation based names
Generally if you're lucky enough to be a yacht owner, you've managed to navigate the choppy seas of life quite well and it's time to relax a bit, so why not use that these for your yacht name. Some popular choices would include "Lazy Daze", "Summer Wind", "Amazing Grace" and "Kickin Back", but the variations and combinations in this genre are fairly endless, so why not get your thinking cap on and come up with some cool and original.

Create a short list and get input from your friends and relatives. Keep in mind that even if you have already picked a name for your boat, you have other things to decide on such as colour, size, design, and font.

Then get in touch with us here at Marine Signs who can design your boat name.